Team Training with IVS

Upcoming dates:

  • Prep the Packet: Tuesday Jan 28. 7:30-10pm

  • Capture the Callback: Thursday Feb 20. 6-9pm

  • Taping Party!: Monday March 16. 7-10pm

  • Alleviate Your Allergies: Thursday, April 16. 7-10pm

All at Opera America, NYC

If you're ready to take your vocals to the next level in a fun and productive group environment, then this workshop is for you! We'll cover many important vocal exercises and tips to maximize your vocal power and ease. 



This will be a physical class, so come dressed in comfortable clothing and be ready to work out! We will be exploring the relationship between the body and the voice- specifically how energizing and aligning your body efficiently can improve your vocals in various styles of singing. 

At Innovative Voice Studio, we like working with toys. So, we will be using exercise equipment like resistance bands and body weight exercises to help achieve more strength in your voice with more ease.


Implement the group work and exercises into a song of your choice (approximately 32 bars).

You will work with Jenna and Tim to find the most strength, clarity and freedom in your sound. 


You'll be part of a growing community of like-minded, fun, inspired people who share a common goal of improved vocal function and honest artistic communication.

We work in a supportive, relaxed environment where we can all learn frm each other and have fun while doing it!

  • Our studio offers Vocal Bootcamps and Acting the Song Workshops

  • Vocal Bootcamps

    • The first half of the workshop is spent on vocal conditioning through a group warm-up of sorts, with emphasis on vocal technique and ways to get the voice to open up with more power and ease.

    • The second half is spent on individual coachings. Everyone will have a chance to sing a short song of his or her choice in front of the group and get feedback from the teachers. This feedback will mostly be related to vocal technique but will also focus on "performing the song", especially if the selection is from the musical theater or pop/rock canon. 

  • Acting the Song

    • These workshops are geared toward actively auditioning actors who are looking for a comfortable place to sharpen their craft by working on storytelling and expressivity in a musical context.

    • Our Acting the Song workshops usually run 2-3 weeks in length 

  • Class sizes normally consist of 8-15 performers.

For more information about our workshops, please email

Opera America

330 7th Ave, 7th floor

New York, NY 10001

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