Do you feel like you’re stuck in the

“Year Two: What Do I Do” post-college blues 2...3...5...10 years later?


Where are you hiding or feeling resistance? 


Are you curious about your full artistic potential?

YOU have the ability to accelerate your career. 


WE have the tools to help you get to where you want to go. 

You’re already taking a voice lessons and dance classes, but what does it really mean to be a training artist?


At IVS, INNOVATIVE is our name.

We aren’t a traditional voice studio. With us, you'll learn to:

Strengthen your voice, get into your body, and sharpen your business mind.

Introducing The BADassery: A Broadway Artist Development Program



To get even more out of the program, we’re offering a chance to take it up a notch and add:


If your book sparks no joy, let us help you say goodbye to the pieces of emotional baggage you’re lugging around and replace them with repertoire that makes your spirit sing! 

  • 1 Extra Private Voice lesson per month

  • Audition Tape Support

Need to put an audition tape together? No problem. We’ll bring our equipment to your lesson so the lighting is great! Accompanist provided at no additional charge when requested. 


  • Power Strategy Session

Work with Tim AND Jenna! Sing through your book, talk about what’s working and not working with your rep, your voice, your confidence, your physicality, etc. Together, we’ll develop a clear PLAN OF ACTION.

  • 2 Private Sessions each month

Priority access to booking your voice lessons and the ability to work with Tim and Jenna one on one. ​

  • 1 Live Masterclass each month

A group workshop, featuring a different industry guest each month, where you’ll get a chance to practice singing in front of a group of people. Previous guests include manual voice therapists, NYC agents, pop/rock coaches and theater directors.

  • Road to Success Webinars

​A twice monthly live remote class to sharpen your business skills and develop a specific plan. Work on exercises with a safe group of people to help you get to the root of who you are, what you want to do, what you want to create -- and with whom you want to collaborate. It will be hard, but oh so worth it!

  • Premium Vocalises Package

An array of specifically curated, downloadable vocalises to work on -- everything from legit voice to pop/rock skrelting. Available in a "choose your own journey" format, tailored to meet your needs.

  • Online Community Support

​An online home base from which to connect with the community and your coaches in between webinars and lessons.

  • 24/7 Red Phone Access

​Ability to connect with your coaches, anytime. Get a last-minute appointment? Get an offer and don’t know how to negotiate it yourself? Considering quitting your restaurant job and starting your own business? Reach out to us, and we’re there to help.

  • Spring Cabaret

​An evening for your friends and family to celebrate your success and a chance to show the industry what you've been up to! AND we’ll have it professionally filmed. You’ll walk away with pride AND with professional footage for your reels, websites, and submissions.

Each participant receives:

The spring semester officially begins January 12th and wraps up April 30th. 

More info on fall 2020 semester to come!

Looking to leave town and book a job (...or two or three) this year? GREAT! We’ve made accommodations to support our working out-of-town clients. Ask us, and we’ll give you more details!

So what does it cost?


Think about where your money is currently going:

Voice lessons. Audition coaches. Rep coaches. Business coaches. Song Interpretation Classes. Audition tape services.

You’re already heavily investing in your artistry, but it’s spread out across Manhattan.

With our program, you’ll get all of these things and more, and only have one bill to pay! 


As actors ourselves, we know flexibility is great when it comes to bills! We’re offering two different ways to pay:

BADass (please email us for Fall 2020 rates)

WEEKLY: 16 weekly payments + deposit to hold your spot 

SPRING SEMESTER: 1 payment (10% discount included)

BADass+ (please email us for Fall 2020 rates)

WEEKLY: 16 weekly payments + deposit to hold your spot

SPRING SEMESTER: 1 payment (10% discount included)

Program scholarships are available! If interested, apply here.

Want to join the BADassery?


Registration for Fall 2020 opens in August and remains open until the program reaches capacity.  

Space is LIMITED.

How would it feel to LEVEL UP this year?

More questions? Email us at

Opera America

330 7th Ave, 7th floor

New York, NY 10001

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