At IVS, INNOVATIVE is our name.

We aren’t a traditional voice studio. And this isn't a traditional voice training program. 

We're building a community of like-minded, dedicated artists committed to strengthening their voices,

utilizing the power of their bodies& sharpening their business minds.

YOU have the ability to accelerate your career. ​Let's LEVEL UP together!


Tuition options


June 1 - June 28

4 weekly payments of

$99 (plus $200 deposit)


1 Monthly Payment (10% off)


June 1 - August 23

12 weekly payments

$99 (plus $200 deposit)


Full Tuition (10% off)

Registration now closed

See you in the Fall!

what peeps are sayin'

"Since January, I have allowed myself to focus on vocal training, I cleaned up my book, reclaimed my mindset in the room, and had the chance to hear from trustworthy and admirable people in the industry. I am so grateful for  IVS's BADassery course -- and had no clue I would grow as much as I have. Thank you both so so much for getting me out of my Cul-de-Sac and encouraging all of me to lean into my Dip."

-Spring 2020 BADass

"Jenna and Tim really helped me get clear on how to treat my artistic career as a business. And I now understand how to use my entire body to sing through one-on-one lessons and workshops that were designed to help us get more feedback with other professionals in the business."

- Fall 2019 BADass

"Literally since deciding to go to NYU 6 years ago, deciding to join the BADassery this fall is the BEST choice I have made for my career in a very long time. I have learned more about the business in these four months than I have learned in four years of classes. Because of IVS, I actually feel like I have a belt for the first time ever! A rising tide lifts all boats is my new mantra!"

-Fall 2019 BADass

Still in school or fresh out?

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