Innovative Voice Studio practices a 24-hour Cancellation Policy for scheduled lessons, and cancellations are only accepted via email.


All sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson must be fully compensated before further lessons can be scheduled. Out of fairness to all students, please note that we can make no exceptions to this policy. This includes cancellations due to illness, travel issues, last-minute auditions, etc. Make ups (for pre-paid lessons) will be granted if a cancellation is provided with more than 24 hours’ notice.


Regarding tardiness -- if you are running late, please send a text message to notify your teacher. Please note that additional time cannot be added to lessons for tardiness due to scheduling constraints and studio costs.  If your teacher has not heard from you 15 minutes after the start of your lesson, it will be canceled.




Scheduling and cancellation communications for drop-in lessons are accepted via email or verbally at the end of your lesson with your teacher.  


If you’d like to schedule another lesson and haven’t spoken to your teacher at the end of your lesson, please email with some dates/times you would be available and CC your teacher ( or  


Drop-in lessons can be booked at most a week in advance. BADassery and Vocal Gym lessons can be booked at most a month in advance.  


Due to the growing size of the studio, we unfortunately can no longer accept scheduling communication or cancellations via text or verbal requests, and lessons are considered confirmed unless we receive an email cancellation from you.




Payment for drop-in lessons is accepted via cash (exact change), check, and Venmo.

Jenna’s Venmo: @jenna-pastuszek

Tim’s Venmo: @tim-russell-3


Payment is expected at the beginning of your lesson so that you and your teacher can focus on the work itself.  


Outstanding balances must be paid before future lessons can be scheduled.

Reasons for these policies:

1). They make teachers better.

Cancellation policies protect time, energy, and devotion of hard-working teachers. It is courteous to value teachers’ energies by giving them ample notice for cancellations and compensating their time when you cannot provide notice. Students are ultimately benefited because teachers are better able to keep a high level of passion and energy in helping students achieve their goals.  


By keeping cancellations via email, we keep ourselves accountable for the schedule we have promised you.  


Timely payment allows your teachers to focus completely on your lesson.


2). They make students better.

By placing importance and responsibility on high-level training, students maintain a high level of commitment, a strong sense of work ethic and an understanding of professionalism. Cancellation policies can sometimes seem difficult and frustrating, but rest assured that the studio treats lessons with the deepest level of commitment and has respected their own teachers throughout the years by observing their respective cancellation policies. This is very important in showing teachers that you value their time.


When you communicate all booking, cancellations, and schedule changes via email, the entire studio can stay on the same page, and you take responsibility for the schedule of your training.


Timely payment demonstrates respect and appreciation for your teachers. They have put in a great deal of time to be able to teach at a high level, and your on-time payment shows professionalism and commitment to your own improvement.

Your understanding of these Scheduling and Payment Policies is greatly appreciated.

Enforcement of these policies is not meant to be taken personally, but are rather simply a part of advanced study in any quality voice studio.

Thank you again for respecting these policies.

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