COLLAB CORNER: A Guest Blog Post by Sari Weinerman

July 30, 2020


Tim and I are thrilled to start a new series on the blog called COLLAB CORNER.

In this series, we'll be featuring posts by guest artists- artists who are active parts of our growing IVS Community as both creatives and collaborators. If you'd like to contribute a piece of writing, please send it to! 


I've Got Skills....They're Multiplying



Just like an elite athlete, a singer at the top of their game needs to be connected to their body and understand how to use it. This is why I love that IVS uses Ken Doherty’s Five S’s of Sports Training, to train their singers for the stage. 


The Five S’s are Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit. While each of these S’s is extremely significant, I want to focus in on one. Skill. Skill is defined as the ability to do something well. When it comes to the voice, there are several aspects of the technique that we must be skilled at. But what about the other skills it takes to be a professional singer? 


Beyond vocal skill, singers need to be good at self-discipline, at finding opportunities to use their voice, at keeping their instrument healthy, at leveraging their network to make connections, the list goes on and on! 


When we take a moment to really break down the tasks of singing or performing into the skills they require, something really cool becomes clear. We see that our singing skills are highly useful, not just for making pretty sounds, but for so many other things as well. In a time where many singers are not being employed to sing, we CAN be employed for using those same exact skills, just applying them to different tasks. 


Here is a list of skills, that singers innately hone from fulfilling the task of singing or performing:








Self Starter





Detail Oriented


Public Speaking

Taking Risks

Goal Setting








The list could be way longer, but I’ll stop here to make a point. The first time you read this list, I’m sure you immediately nodded your head in agreement, thinking about how each of these skills applies to you as a singer or a performer.


Well, what if I told you that these skills were actually compiled from popular job postings for positions in all different industries? Yes! Employers in tons of other industries, also look for these EXACT skills. In other words, the skills that make us great at singing and performing are in demand elsewhere. 


That is why I built Make It Work: A performer’s guide to Making Work Offstage. In this four week workshop, we discover how to identify the skills we already have, what training we can readily pursue, and how to find jobs we would be great for, so we can stop surviving and start thriving. The trick is, figuring how to tell the story of your skills to obtain these other opportunities, offstage. Be job-ready in four weeks.

Get more info on Make it Work here

Registration is open: Sign Up Here! 


Stop feeling that scarcity, and step into possibility!



- Sari

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