The Path to Success

June 18, 2020

Is the path to success always clear?

Light is necessary to find your way.

Let others borrow your flashlight when their path ahead is too dark to see.

Use what you brought in your backpack…hidden treasures often hide at the bottom of the bag.

Mistakes will occur. Missteps will happen. Keep going.  

If needed, take a brief pause, and consult a map to plot your journey’s next pivot. 

Nothing can stop you from reaching the end of the trail. Move forward one step at a time.

Always take time to look around, breathe in, and admire the view.

The people with you on your journey are there for a reason.

Every fork-in-the-road can lead to a new, unexpected adventure. 


No matter which path you're considering exploring next, you're bound to find something intriguing and worthwhile. Keep going, and have fun!

This week's blog post is inspired by my Why, which I discovered with Seeking Purpose with Becca Brunelle, and the C.R.E.A.T.E class, part of JWS Online

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