Singing and Fad Diets.

May 21, 2020

You know what bothers me? Gyms telling me to “get ready for bikini season” when it’s January 1st, 12 degrees, and daily “fashion” consists of a huge puffer coat that makes me look and feel like a snowman.




Reminding me about an accessory that doesn’t match my goose feathers isn’t helpful, nor is it getting my goose-feathered ass to the gym.


I’m going to the gym, not to prepare for bikini season, but to feel good in my body. I don’t like feeling physically tight or sore or uncomfortable. I am a much happier person, and a wayyy better person to be around, when I have those beautiful post-workout endorphins coursing through my veins.


As we hunker down firmly into MONTH TWO of Quarantine, I’m noticing a recurring conversation occurring with my clients. A conversation about motivation. “Why should I continue to take singing lessons if Broadway is closed until March 2021?”


To this question, I say:


Here’s the thing: some people do end up at the gym in January because they want to be ready for bikini season in June, just like some people are going to keep training because they want to be ready for Broadway whenever it re-opens. That timeline is motivating for some people.


For other people, it might not be the looming panic and fear of looking flabby in a bathing suit that gets them to the gym. What gets them there might be the feeling of accomplishment- of not breaking the streak, a la Jerry Seinfeld, and of continued commitment and dedication to showing up.


It might also just be about the endorphins- that awesome daily hormonal boost of energy and happiness. Singing gives you those too, you know.


How can you continue to find the benefit of training, of showing up for yourself and for your artistry during this time?


How can you reframe the current situation to inspire you to commit to creating music during this, even when the music might just exist for you?




If you’re craving accountability or community right now, consider joining us in the BADassery this summer.


It will be nothing but BADass.

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