May 15, 2020


Tim and I are thrilled to start a new series on the blog called CLIENT CORNER.

In this series, we'll be featuring posts by guest artists- artists who are active parts of our growing IVS Community. If you'd like to contribute a piece of writing, please send it to! 


Eyes on the Horizon


​​How can I get my hands on the next best thing?


We used to live in a world of instant gratification. Our phones, social media, the way we think about the industry, the way the industry thinks about US. “How can I get my hands on the next best thing?” The next job, audition, paycheck, class etc. 


And then that model shattered within 48 hours. Yeah oh shit, yeah... oh... shit. 


What should we do now? Well, let’s try the opposite. Switch your gaze to the horizon. If the industry may never be the same, why don’t we match her? Let’s allow the “next best thing” to sail away gracefully, hair flowing in the wind, while we embrace sustainability, growth, and long term happiness. 


Let’s build our own boat. What is something small you could do today that might set you up for the long game. Who could you seek a connection with now that you’ll be grateful for in 5 months or 5 years? 


Showing up to build a boat is a kind of bravery. And you don’t have to do it alone. The best things in life are things we do together.


The Reach Out Party begins this SUNDAY May 17.  

Join me and the amazing group of passionate builders showing up every day in service of themselves and others. Register here


Together to the horizon. 





Watch me interview Carly after my first lap at the party!  

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