Art in Inconvenient Moments

April 19, 2020

"How do you make art in inconvenient moments?"


I was catching up on old episodes of The Spark Files this week and heard Susan Blackwell ask a guest this question.


Seems relevant to the current moment.


My thoughts:


First, acknowledge where you are. Own it, whatever it is.


Then, ask your self some questions:


What brings me artistic joy and provides creative fulfillment?


What distractions get in the way of being my most creative self?


What can wait until next week?


What feels energizing, exciting, engaging, curiosity-sparking, invigorating, novel, tried and true, generous to create right now?


Artists have superpowers that muggles need. We have the ability to express what others cannot. Our gift, our contribution as storytellers, is the ability to inspire, to move, to heal, to make people laugh, to bring a moment of reflection, relief, joy, love, wonder. As we continue to move through this difficult time, the world needs us.


What would it feel like to create something today because you’re acknowledging that in the present moment, people are looking to you?


What would it feel like to choose how you’re showing up to your artistry and creativity?


What would it look like to own that people are looking to you to lead?




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