Creativity and Daily Routines

February 9, 2020

Someone in the altMBA recently shared this graphic with me, and it blew my mind.


I love seeing how differently all of these famous thinkers, doers, and change makers structured their days.


And wild schedule differences aside, what so many of them have in common is that they get up early. They get up early, and they put creative work on their schedule early in the day. They don’t risk putting the creative work at the end of the day and having other people or things derail their schedule. They don’t let other peoples urgencies thwart their own creative urgencies by putting boundaries around their schedule to protect this work.


As Steven Pressfield says, to be a pro, you have to be willing to show up to the work every. day. 


How’s your current relationship with your calendar?

Is it balanced between promises you’ve made to yourself and promises you’ve made to others?

What would it look like if you added in some space for creativity?

What could you move around to honor your craft, your artistry, your self by restructuring your daily schedule?

How might you feel with a little more room for you?


How, during audition season, can you make the Actor Lounge a space for creativity?


As Jen Waldman always says, “Time is our most precious non-renewable resource.”


How will you choose to spend yours this week?


I’m rooting for you.




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