Chakras and Stories

November 10, 2019


What are the stories you tell yourself about your singing career?


Write down ten stories, sentences, ideas, descriptions that come to mind when you think about you and singing.


What themes or patterns do you notice?


Are you speaking to yourself in positive, affirmative language?


Or are you noticing some negative, wishy-washy, tepid, noncommittal, self-accusatory language?


The ways in which we speak to ourselves, and the mental hurdles we may or may not be asking ourselves to jump over every time we get up to perform, may significantly impact how functional, free, and fun it is to do the thing we love to do.


Clients sometimes come into their lesson and jokingly ask if I’m also a therapist. Of course I’m not a trained professional therapist of any kind, but we do talk about how you’re feeling as part of the lesson because there's a direct correlation with emotions and singing.


For example, consider the chakras. Your fifth chakra is the throat chakra. It is where you store your inner truth. If you’re having a difficult time singing, it may quite literally be because your muscles are trying to help keep your inner truth from spilling out by tightening and constricting the sound.


That’s why it feels so good to cry or to laugh. Because when we do, we let the false vocal folds open, the throat widens, and we naturally feel an ease to our breath flowing from our lungs, through the larynx, and out of our mouth.


What stories or beliefs are you holding onto about your singing career that are causing a blockage in your throat chakra?


What can you thank for its presence and then release today into a journal, the air, a conversation with a loved one, a prayer, a thought, etc.?


Where can you offer yourself forgiveness, love, and hopeful optimism to move forward with sharing your beautiful melodic gift tomorrow?




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