Swimming and Singing

July 28, 2019

 If you think about the training of an Olympic swimmer, not all of their time is spent in the pool. They’re doing dry land work outs in the gym, watching and analyzing performance tape with their coaches, meditation/mindset/visualization work, managing their nutrition through meal prep and eating every few hours, hydrating, stretching, sleeping, etc. One could argue that all of the activities listed above are in service of their “job” to compete in the pool. One could also argue that swimmers would not be able to be as successful if they let one of those areas of training slide.


What's your training schedule look like? 


What activities are part of your routine?


What areas are you letting slide?


How could you incorporate more differentiated activities into your weekly routine?


If we reframe the way we go about our daily lives so that all of the things we commit to are in service of our performance careers, we can always be working on ourselves as artists.


Bringing our artistry with us out into the world, and bringing our outside selves into the work. More authenticity all around.



To be a pro, you have to train like a pro.




You deserve it. 

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