Walking on Your Artistry (seewhatIdidthere?)

July 14, 2019

Have you read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way?


There’s a section of the book where she talks about going on long walks as part of your artist discovery. If you caught Lili Torre's latest episode of The Dreaded Question, you know that when I read that section of the book, I was like…come on. How can WALKING make me a better performer??


But then I stopped to analyze what do I do when I walk.

  • Listen to inspirational music

  • Listen to a thought-provoking podcast

  • Listen to a touching or informative or funny audiobook

  • Bask in silence. Hear the sounds of nature

  • Bask in the city sounds around me

  • Observe human interaction and behavior

  • Observe nature- colors, sounds, sights, animals, greenery, vastness, etc.

  • Observe human creation- buildings, sidewalks, cars, bikes, street lamps, art, etc.

  • Have imaginary conversations with other people

  • Have conversations with myself

  • Get blood flow and breath moving through my body

  • Exercise different muscles

And what are our main jobs as actors?

  • Listening

  • Observation

  • Living truthfully within given circumstances (including environment)

  • Taking action in order to meet your objective

  • Physically committing to the character, style, and time period of the piece. 






Maybe this Julia Cameron is onto something…

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