(Some of) My Favorite Podcasts

April 29, 2019

I loved the feedback I got from sharing what was on my dressing room station last week, and it got me thinking about what other things I could tell you about that I’m digging right now! I figure, who knows, you might find some inspiration from the things I’ve been loving, and if I can spread some free inspo sources, then I chalk it up to a win. And if you hate them all, well, the great news is there are a million more to check out!


For anyone who knows me, you know I love me a GOOD podcast. I love to learn. I have so many college degrees because I f*cking love school. So thank you to whoever invented podcasts, because now I can learn about whatever, whenever and where ever I want to, for FREE!


I like to listen to a variety of ‘casts. I like listening to performers who I’d consider peers talk about their journey. I like to listen to stars talk about theirs. I love listening to experts in their fields explaining things that I both understand and don’t have a clue about. I like health podcasts, exercise podcasts, social psychology podcasts, history podcasts, business pods, political pods, and theatre pods. I believe, as an artist, you can find inspiration anywhere, so it's important to stretch yourself beyond the realm of theatre related things, and then circle back to see how they can be related! 


Here are 13 that I’m loving right now and the reasons why.

  1. The Long and the Short of It. I’m a bit biased because Jen Waldman and Peter Shepherd, the hosts of this podcast, are my coaches. They’re both brilliant, generous, intelligent human beings, and they have excellent conversations that encourage me to question my own beliefs and/or get more specific with the things I do, why I do them, and how I do them. And listening to Peter’s Australian accent is selfishly helping me to perfect mine.

  2. The Ensemblist. I specifically love seasons 4, 5, and 6 because they go “behind the scenes” and talk about the inner workings of the business of Broadway. If you want to hear more specifics about how being a swing really works or the difference between putting on a new Broadway show versus a revival, AND you want to hear it from the mouths of the people in the ensembles doing it, then this podcast is for you.

  3. Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is an intelligently prepared interviewer. He asks his guests tough and interesting questions from things about their past or present that may present hidden gems. He doesn’t ask any assumed questions, so I love to hear the interviewees authentic responses. I love the conversations he has with actors and musicians as well as the conversations he has with the New Yorkers who work in interesting professions like sanitation or restaurant whispering. He interviews at a clippy Manhattan pace, so he manages to squeeze in a lot of information in a short period of time.

  4. The Naked Vocalist. These British dudes crack me up. I feel like I'm hanging out with them in the voice studio whenever I listen. They give great voice tips and have interesting guests. It's all super digestible material, relatable to anyone singing or teaching singing, and science-based. And I also love their accents.

  5. The Dreaded Question. Lili Torre, a friend who I met taking class at the Jen Waldman Studio, just began a new podcast that’s absolutely worth checking out. She interviews actors about their off-stage pursuits and starts the conversation with that dreaded question we all know and love, “So, what are you up to?”. Really great, inspirational conversations with real people- real working actors who don’t confine their success to what they’ve done on a stage, who dive into their daily struggles and pursuits to make ends meet.

  6. Finding Mastery. Dr. Michael Gervais interviews people at the TOP of their careers to figure out how they perform under pressure. I love getting a glimpse into the brains of the highest achievers. I particularly enjoy the episodes where he interviews people who “perform” in some capacity- professional sports coaches, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs turned motivational speakers, etc. I love to ponder how to apply their mindset tricks to my own life pursuits.

  7. Balanced Bites. Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe talk about “modern paleo living” through conversations and interviews with other people in the healthy eating, movement, or mindset movements. And they aren’t preachy about having to strictly adhere to a paleo diet- they encourage listeners to experiment and be practical with themselves. I love hearing two smart, driven women have honest, intelligent conversations about diet, mindset, and growing their own businesses and families.

  8. A Balancing Act. Analisa Leaming interviews other high profile Broadway actors on their stories, lives, and beliefs. Season 2, in particular, really touched me. She keeps the conversations light but also deep, and I enjoy listening to her (since she’s also a very successful actor) speak with her peers about their lives and struggles in the business.

  9. VO Buzz Weekly. This is my newest podcast, so I’m still working through some of the back logged episodes, but it’s the best I’ve found on the voice over industry that interviews people on both sides of the table.

  10. Super Soul Conversations with Oprah. This one doesn’t need much explanation. Oprah is queen of interviews and brings on some incredibly inspirational people.

  11. NPR’s How I Built This. This podcast concentrates on sharing the stories of people who’ve built an empire from scratch. It interviews some of the most influential entrepreneurs of the past few years. Listening to how they all got where they are is fascinating. It really helps to illuminate the fact that a lot of life is built by taking risks, saying YES AND, being a purple cow, and just following your passions/instincts.

  12. Akimbo. Speaking of Purple Cows, Seth Godin is THE purplest cow. He’s the OG cow. This podcast, while dense, at times, is incredibly informative and thought-provoking. I love attempting to translate the anecdotes and business practices he describes into the theatre industry.

  13. Travel with Rick Steves. Sometimes, you’ve got to take a break from life, and there’s no better way to reset, IMO, than to travel. And Rick is the king of travel. He has a great variety of episodes on regions and cities all over the world, and I love listening to his recommendations and interviews with locals from the region. Even if I don’t have a specific trip coming up, it’s nice to click on an episode and day dream about what it must be like to live or visit another city.

What podcasts am I missing? Help me add to my collection!

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