10 Vocally Helpful Things You’ll Find at my Dressing Room Station

April 22, 2019

This weekend, I opened HONK! at Delaware Theatre Company, and when brainstorming what to write for this week’s blog post, I thought it might be helpful to list some of my “must haves” for vocal hacks during a long running show. All of these will fit on your Equity allotted space at your dressing room station!


1. Mini humidifier: This travel humidifier is a life saver in a dry theatre.

2. Portable SteamerNebulizer or Pure Mist. Save your pennies. These are WORTH IT.

3. Lozenges: I prefer sugar-free Grether’s Pastilles or Fontus drops. AVOID cough drops with menthol in them (it’s a numbing agent so you can’t feel if/when you’re doing vocal damage).

4. Preventative MedicinalsOil of oregano. Someone in your cast coming down with a plague? Avoid this by putting a few drops of this on your tongue. It tastes like a disgusting highly concentrated amount of pizza and then slightly burns but helps.

5. TEAThroat Coat and Manuka honey.

6. Other beverages: Coconut or Aloe water. Both are super hydrating. Mix it with a little pineapple juice for an added hydration/de-inflammation boost! 

7. Alkalized water. This brand is great (try the ginger or the cucumber-mint) or check it out at TJs or Whole Foods. 

8. Metal straw: You can attach this one to your key chain. See Tom Burke's youtube video for a refresher on how to use it. 

9. Tools for Muscle releaseLacrosse ball to roll out cranky muscles. If that's too hard, check out these spiky massage balls. You could also get a mini massager (see our toys page for links) or a portable foam roller. 

10. Meditation apps: I love Breethe for customizable breathing exercises or Headspace



What are your healthy voice go tos? Help us add to our list!









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