Feature Friday with Brett Rigby

February 16, 2018

We're launching an exciting new series today called Feature Fridays where we'll be interviewing Industry Peeps and sharing insider info, tips, and tricks! If you have anyone that you'd like us to interview, please let us know! 


Our first interview is with Brett Rigby, Agent at CGF Talent and NYU Steinhardt Showcase Producer. 

  1. Tell us one fun fact! I have a 19 year old Albino Siamese cat who is basically my child.

  2. What draws you to an actor? Confidence.  Both in with the work you're bringing into the room as well in yourself physically standing there.  Own your space.

  3. What’s something you wish actors knew not to do in an audition? Apologize while doing the work.  Mistakes happen- how you deal with them in the moment is half the battle.

  4. What would you rather watch: vocal acrobatics or compelling storytelling? Compelling storytelling ALL. DAY. LONG. Beautiful voices are nice...but if there is nothing there...after 8.6 seconds, I'm no longer interested.

  5. What’s “belting” mean to you? To me, belting is how a singer chooses to technically mix their sound.  Using a heavier mix is often what people think is belting.

  6. As we enter showcase season, what’s something actors can do to stand out? Having a clear idea of their type and the way they'd like the industry to view them.  Have your audition piece match your head shot, which matches the person who walks in the room.


    What’s a lasting piece of advice you’ve heard from a Voice teacher or music director? "Stop trying too hard, Brett.  You've gotta find the joy in it.  You're telling a story.  Be happy you're the F-ing story-teller."  We had a healthy relationship. ;)

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