Waving Through A Knee Lift

June 13, 2017

If you’re like us, you LOVED watching Ben Platt perform "Waving Through A Window" at the Tony’s last night!




Notice the leg lift he does at 3:10? And again every time he sings “waving”?


It’s not dissimilar to Cynthia Erivo’s leg lift in “I’m Here” at 3:28 from last year’s Tony’s performance.


So what is this magical move??


Is it a random coincidence, is it a requirement to win a Tony, or is it a secret vocal trick?


The answer is C!


TRY IT! What muscles do you feel activate to lift your leg?


You might feel any and all of your core stabilization/postural muscles…calves, hamstrings, glutes, inner/outer thigh, pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, obliques, serratus, traps, etc. etc. etc!



Click here for a full list of muscles involved in balance.


This is a great trick to activate your body, especially your back body and lower half, when you’re hoping to add more power to your belt.


Don’t put all the pressure on two tiny folds of skin to do all of the work. Instead, incorporate your larger muscle groups to help ground you and give you the support you need to sing to the back of the balcony!

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