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July 13, 2016

Ever wonder why you can't "feel it" when you're singing? Maybe you're not feeling the "buzz in the mask"?


Try this BEFORE and AFTER test to gain more access to the BUZZ.

Before: Sing a part a song cold. Observe the physical sensations around your face and head.

After: Grab your electric toothbrush and brush your teeth for 2 mins and return to the same song. Observe the physical sensations.


Certain parts of our bodies often have less proprioception than others. Sometimes places like our lips, tongue, jaw, cheeks and gums need to be stimulated by forced vibration to awaken the nerves.


You can use an electric toothbrush, a Z-vibe, or even a vibrator (yes, that kind) to increase sensory feedback, improve tone and reduce muscle tension.


Bonus: Vibration can also be very effective in focusing and soothing. :)


Excellent resources:

For more on the "Z-VIBE":


For more on singing with VIBRATORS:

Elissa Weinzimmer of Voice Body Connection has done some great work on this.



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