The Range Roamer

July 6, 2016

Here's a tip to slide through your whole range with more ease and efficiency.


Drop through your spine quickly while bending at the knees slightly. This should be done with a heavy drop of the head and a rapid "undoing" of the spine. Let's call it a ROLL-OVER. Rebuild upward.


Add a vocal slide on a "HEY" from low pitch to high pitch while simultaneously doing a ROLL-OVER. Take a new breath and start another "HEY" at the top of your range while rebuilding your spine UP to starting position (all while the sound travels down your range).


So, go up through your range as your rolling down, and down through your range when you're rolling up. Got all that? Whew.


While doing the ROLL-OVER, play with allowing to voice to be compartmentalized from low to high in your body (i.e. stomach to dome of the skull). Vice versa for the rolling up.


Happy singing!



Source: "Freeing the Natural Voice" (Kristin Linklater)

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