How to breathe with an open ribcage

May 30, 2016


RAG DOLL POSE: Roll-over from the top of your spine all the way down so that your sternum draws as close to your thighs as possible without over-tightening in your hamstrings. Let your arms dangle loosely and breathe slowly so that your ribcage expands with each inhalation.

Breathe slowly into your nose and feel the slow passage of air into your lungs. Continue to allow maximum movement of your ribcage without forcing air on the inhalation.

Bend your knees slightly so that your ribcage is pressed directly into your thighs. Your back should be almost flat here. Continue to breathe into your ribcage, against the resistance from your thighs.

Complete 8-10 slow, deep breaths in this position and then return to standing position -- then try to mimic the sensation of full rib opening.

Happy Memorial Day!

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