​At Innovative, we specialize in selecting repertoire that promotes positive vocal function while also being interesting to sing. We always say, “Don’t sing anything you hate unless you’re being paid.”


There are times when you want to concentrate on technique in a session, and then there are times when you just want help organizing that old audition book!


We're here to help. 

Rep Book Overhauls operate in two sessions.

Part One: Power Strategy Session

Meet with Tim & Jenna for a 45 minute session (on Zoom or in-person). Bring your audition book. We'll talk and sing through what's working/what's not, as well as what's missing, and what feels stale. And then we'll talk about where you want to go as an artist.

Part Two

Jenna will send you a bountiful collection of new song ideas for your book. Songs to fill holes, parallel songs (songs that are similar to ones that may have worked in the past but are fresh), and new song ideas keeping in mind your artist trajectory. Song titles, youtube links, and sheet music (if available) will be shared. 


From there, you can bring in the new songs to try in your monthly sessions with Tim or Jenna, and we will help you create audition specific cuts.

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