4 x 4 Membership Program

Help us help you keep yourself accountable to your training!


It’s a subscription-based plan, where you need a membership if you want to use the gym.


Members sign up for at least one session per month for four months at a time and receive priority booking for lessons and workshops when the calendar opens. If you want more sessions beyond the one per month, you can book as many of these as you’d like a la carte. 

As a 4x4 member, you save cash on any and all lessons you book, as our DROP IN rate has increased.


Business strategy sessions are available to book as well in 15 minute increments should you need additional support outside of your lesson time.

Monthly rates for 4x4 are: 


One 45 minute lesson/month: $95

One 60 minute lesson/month $120 

Business strategy sessions: $25/15 minutes, $50/30 minutes

Want to join 4x4?

Drop In Lessons

For new clients and non-monthly IVS members who’d still like to occasionally sneak into the gym.


Priority lesson access is given to our BADassery and our 4x4 Membership program, so there is no guarantee that there will be any remaining slots if/when you'd like to come in.


You will be able to sign up for workshops if/when space remains after BADassery and 4x4 members have registered.

Beginning September 15th, our new Drop In rates are:


45 minute lesson $100

60 minute lesson $125 

Interested in scheduling a drop in lesson?  Email us and we'll get you set up!

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