Here's some Feedback from Our Recent Workshops in NYC

"the BEST!"

"100% would do it again

"Class was wonderful"


"I saw immediate results while taking Jenna and Tim's musical theater workshop. After the first week I went to auditions with the song we worked on and got 2 callbacks, after the second week I went to auditions with the new song we worked on and got a callback and a booking right away. I don't think it gets any better than that!"

Marta R

 Y'all, this class was super great! I had such a great time and feel like I learned a lot re: storytelling. For my own personal journey, I feel like I need a STRONGER repertoire which will aid in concise story telling, and also having a vocal mix...I LOVED Jenna's posture/vocal correction for me during week one! Please can I take lessons with you! I feel like that new physical engagement helped me prepare for my If/Then audition and that openness and vocal ease could be a huge game changer in the future

Stephanie G

I think everything we went over in class was beneficial. The advice on vocal performance and creating intention with the song was great, personalized feedback. I liked how you guys took the time and gave everyone options for a new song to fit the holes in our books. Everyone seemed really happy with the choices and the new songs really suited each person's voice/personality. 

Paige B

The new story Jenna gave me for one of my most used audition cuts was really helpful. It gave me a whole new perspective on the song and my motivation to sing at the start of the song.

Diana Q

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