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Video Testimony Featuring Caroline & Shavanna

Before working with Jenna and Tim, I was feeling down about my voice and where, exactly, I was on my singing journey. It was difficult for me to discern whether I was singing safely or improperly. I was not consistent with my practice and did not know how to connect sound and breath. However, now that I am being coached by both of them, I am beginning to feel progress. It has been a great experience. They are both so personable and helpful! I feel like there now is a plan and we are working towards a goal, and the goal is indeed achievable. If you are looking to work with artists who are insightful, collaborative and most of all kind, then Jenna and Tim are right for you! - Maggie R

I absolutely loved taking voice lessons with Tim. Each time I was having a problem with a song or vocal exercise, he somehow knew exactly what was going on and could explain clearly how to adjust it. What I appreciated the most was that any time I got the hang of something, he would make sure that I could feel how it was different from what I was doing before, so that I would be able to replicate it later. Plus, even aside from all that, every lesson was so much fun!...My voice lessons were the highlight of my time in New York, and I'd highly recommend this studio to anyone. - Claire F

Jenna expertly blends holistic vocal instruction with humor and kindness. She is constantly coming up with new exercises to address your evolving singing needs, and she goes above and beyond to support you in your career outside the lesson. It's clear that she is equally passionate about teaching vocal technique as she is about performing it. I've had several voice teachers in NYC, and I am delighted to have found her. She has definitely given me an edge as a singer that I hadn't found until I met her. - Jenny P

Tim is not only the best voice teacher I've ever had but one of the best music teachers I've ever had. He's able to describe the physical elements of singing methodically and clearly, so that I understand not only what to do but why, which is important when you're later practicing on your own. And the lessons are insanely fun -- my wife and I took a joint lesson and had a blast. I think voice lessons with Innovative are going to be the new salsa dancing. I'd recommend either private lessons or one of their workshops. Jenna is great too! - Ben H

I have studied with many teachers who try to change my voice or try to lead me to all sorts of methods they think would bring the best result. With Jenna, she studies ME and listens to my voice and applies the best technical tips to help me get the best from the instrument I have, not try to change it. She is a master on knowing what issues are causing difficulties in enjoying your experience as a singer. She makes sure the whole body is working, and if there are issues in your physical universe or if you have a block emotionally, Jenna tackles it. If there are psychological issues, she will help you get clear and master those as well. I believe a true vocal session is like a ballet barre. The voice needs the same attention. If you want to sing effortlessly and enjoy the process, call Jenna. She is just what the doctor ordered. -Michelle D.F

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