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July 28, 2019

If you think about the training of an Olympic swimmer, not all of their time is spent in the pool. They’re doing dry land work outs in the gym, watching and analyzing performance tape with their coaches, meditation/mindset/visualization work, managing their nutrition t...

July 21, 2019

I was recently inspired by a podcast episode I listened to, Finding Mastery with Kevin Harlen.

Kevin is a widely successful radio and television sports announcer.

He talks about every opportunity, whether it’s to announce a high school football game or to announce the NB...

July 14, 2019

Have you read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way?

There’s a section of the book where she talks about going on long walks as part of your artist discovery. If you caught Lili Torre's latest episode of The Dreaded Question, you know that when I read that section of the boo...

July 7, 2019

Did you know it takes 10,000 repetitions of something before you become an expert at it?

Seriously. There are three stages of motor learning.

The first phase, the cognitive stage, requires attention and effort. Your body is attempting to understand something new. You’re...

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